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TechZulu Law October 27, 2010

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October 7, 2010, Christina Gagnier and I premiered TechZulu Law, or TZLaw, a live weekly web news show devoted to a legal discussion of technology issues of the day. The show airs Thursdays, generally around 5 p.m. Pacific at techzulu.com/live/.

Here’s our first episode:

Episodes 1 and 2 recaps are here and here.

When you do live television, you really appreciate how hard it is to make all the technical and content elements come together at once. It happens all thanks to the awesome and amazing Efren Toscano, the man behind TechZulu. We tend to give pretty heavy coverage to Facebook and Google (because you could have a weekly one-hour show on their legal issues alone), whatever scandal TechCrunch and Michael Arrington have stirred up that week, and favor local LA startups like Namesake and Demand Media, because that is what we know. We also have some comic relief towards the end of the show.

Hope you like it.

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